Issue: public health

Iowa ranked 20th in nationwide health study

Iowa ranked 20th in the nation according to an annual study examining 35 public health measures, according to the United Health Foundation. The health score for Iowa was above the national average for the study, titled the America’s Health Rankings Annual Report. But, Iowa’s overall ranking has decreased over the last several years, demonstrating that more can be done in the state to improve the care of Iowans.

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Public health officials offer scant details on US coronavirus patients

Disclosure this week of multiple cases in the United States of a new viral infection emerging from China — including the first confirmed cases of the virus passing from person to person in this country — is fueling public concerns about how easily the deadly virus can spread. It is also raising pointed questions about why authorities aren’t disclosing more information about the risk of exposure.

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Listen: Health Officials Warn People To Stop Vaping

As the number of patients combating mysterious lung illnesses grows, state and federal public health officials are warning people to stay away from e-cigarettes and vape pens, especially those obtained off the streets. As of Friday, public health officials were investigating more than 450 possible cases of severe pulmonary disease related to vaping, including five deaths, in 33 states, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

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