Issue: Disabilities

Medicaid Work Requirements Won’t Work and Are Likely Illegal

Work requirements appear to be a more subtle attempt to reduce the number of non-disabled adults added to Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act, which survived multiple attempts last year by Congress to repeal and replace it. But a work requirement for Medicaid isn’t necessary and won’t work. Not when nearly 80 percent of adults on Medicaid already live in working families and about 60 percent work themselves.

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Patients, Health Insurers Challenge Iowa’s Privatized Medicaid

Iowa moved about 600,000 people on Medicaid into care that is managed by for-profit insurance companies. The idea is that the private companies would save the state money, but it has been a rocky transition, especially for people like Neal Siegel. Siegel is one of six disabled Iowans suing the state, alleging that Medicaid managed care, as it is known, deprives thousands of Iowans with disabilities the right to live safely in their homes.

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Advocacy: Democracy’s Most Powerful Ability

It’s heroes like these and the countless other Americans who tirelessly engaged policymakers with a clear message that politics and party control are no match for the advocacy and spirit of American citizens. Despite the personal, physical and economic cost, these individuals showed up to carry out one of the most fundamental aspects of democracy: advocacy.

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