Issue: Cost

What the Data Says about Medicaid, Work and Work Requirements

As of December 2017, 32 states (including Iowa) had expanded Medicaid. By design, expansion extended coverage to the working poor (both parents and childless adults), most of whom do not otherwise have access to affordable coverage. Some states and the Trump administration have stated that expansion targets “able-bodied” adults. In response, they want Medicaid eligibility contingent on work. Under current law, states cannot impose a Medicaid work requirement. However, some states are asking for waivers to this law and the Trump administration has indicated a willingness to approve such waivers.

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Iowa Ranks Second in Overall Health Care Cost, Quality

Iowa ranks second in the nation for overall health care quality, a new analysis by WalletHub has found. The analysis compared all 50 states across 35 measures of cost, accessibility and outcome. While Iowa ranked high in all measures, it was number two for health care costs. And in another recent WalletHub study, Iowa ranked fourth in the nation for children’s health care.

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