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IHA creates webpage providing coronavirus updates

Although coronavirus (COVID-19) is new, preparing for emergencies is not. Iowa hospitals and health systems conduct emergency preparedness training year-round. To help hospitals stay up to date on coronavirus and its potential effect on Iowa hospitals and health systems, IHA created a new webpage specifically for the virus. The page features information, resources, talking points and protocols. Updates will be posted regularly, so members are encouraged to check back often.

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Public health officials offer scant details on US coronavirus patients

Disclosure this week of multiple cases in the United States of a new viral infection emerging from China — including the first confirmed cases of the virus passing from person to person in this country — is fueling public concerns about how easily the deadly virus can spread. It is also raising pointed questions about why authorities aren’t disclosing more information about the risk of exposure.

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As Vaping Devices Evolve, New Potential Hazards Scrutinized

The smokeless tobacco industry that began with low-voltage cigarette look-alikes has evolved to include customizable, high-wattage machines capable of generating enormous clouds of vapor ― and potentially toxic substances. As the technology continues to change, researchers are finding more evidence that the way vaping devices and e-liquids interact could harm consumers. High-powered devices may overheat vaping liquids to produce toxic chemicals, tobacco experts warn, and the aerosol that is inhaled may be contaminated with dangerous metals from the device.

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