Iowa Hospitals Exceed $945 Million in Community Benefit

A statewide survey by the Iowa Hospital Association (IHA) shows Iowa hospitals provided community benefits in 2018 valued at more than $945 million, including more than $253 million in charity care. Community benefits are activities designed to improve health status and provide greater access to health care.
Along with uncompensated care (which is made up of both charity care and bad debt), community benefits include such services and programs as health screenings, support groups, counseling, immunizations, nutritional services and transportation programs. Total uncompensated care in 2018 was valued at $537 million.
Iowa hospitals continue to implement strategies that increase value to their patients and communities by offering high-quality care to individuals, addressing health needs and implementing process improvements that bend the cost curve. By seeking out ways to raise quality, reduce waste and increase safety, Iowa hospitals have become value leaders in their communities.
These efforts, with IHA’s advocacy to create fairer payment methodologies from Medicare and Medicaid, help ensure the financial stability of hospitals, making it possible for them to provide the services and programs most needed by their communities.
Nearly 100% Iowa’s community hospitals participated in the survey. More information about Iowa hospital community benefits, as well as other hospital quality, safety, economic and utilization data, is available at IHA’s health care consumer website,