Today’s NewsStand – July 9, 2019

Featuring hospital and health care headlines from the media and the Web.

Iowa News

Non-profit hopes to break the silence on mental health
A local non-profit is bringing the Johnston community together to raise awareness about mental health, depression, and suicide at their second annual Mental Health Awareness Concert. Project Silence No More’s goal is to change the tone of mental health through events that guide the conversation about suicide and mental health. “We partner with local businesses, the school, community leaders and other folks in the community,” said Marcus Miller Co-Founder of Project Silence No More. (We Are Iowa)

Iowa Children’s Museum’s updated hospital exhibit reflects changes in health care
A renovated Children’s Hospital exhibit at the Iowa Children’s Museum is new, brighter and reflects advances in medicine. But staff kept beloved parts of the play space, such as the ambulance and the nursery. The museum’s popular hospital exhibit has a corner where children pretend to do X-rays on friends or family members. But since that technology now is called imaging, the new exhibit uses the updated terminology. The exhibit highlights STEM careers and has a research nook where children can use a microscope to study slides of things such as a cat hair, potato starch and a tiny duck feather. (Cedar Rapids Gazette)

Manning Regional Healthcare Center giving and receiving to improve care for area residents
There is a lot of giving going around in the Manning area as of late as Manning Regional Healthcare Center (MRHC) makes life-saving donations and receives equipment for radiology and the lab. The healthcare facility recently made a donation of five medical manikins to the Manning Rec Center to aid in training. These models help lifeguards learn effective compression and rescue breathing techniques by actively practicing CPR. The Manning Regional Healthcare Center Auxiliary has also made two donations, these to the radiology and laboratory departments at the hospital. (KCIM)

National News

Federal Appeals Court takes up case that could upend US health system
The fate of the Affordable Care Act is again on the line Tuesday, as a federal appeals court in New Orleans takes up a case in which a lower court judge has already ruled the massive health law unconstitutional. If the lower court ruling is ultimately upheld, the case, Texas v. United States, has the potential to shake the nation’s entire health care system to its core. Not only would such a decision immediately affect the estimated 20 million people who get their health coverage through programs created under the law, ending the ACA would also create chaos in other parts of the health care system that were directly or indirectly changed under the law’s multitude of provisions. (Kaiser Health News)

FCC to vote on $100 million telehealth initiative for rural health care
The Federal Communications Commission will vote July 10 on a $100 million initiative to improve health care access for rural Americans. The money would boost funding for telehealth equipment across the country allowing people who can’t get to a clinic or hospital to see their doctors online. Telemedicine is increasing in popularity as many rural hospitals close and doctors gravitate to larger cities. (GPB News)

When hospitals fill up, patients are boarded in the ER. It’s a problem across the US
The phenomenon, called boarding, occurs when hospitals hold patients in the ER until they find a bed for them on a medical floor. It’s a growing problem across the nation, fueled in part by the national shortage of doctors and nurses, said Ryan Stanton, an ER physician with Central Emergency Physicians in Lexington, Kentucky, and a spokesman for the American College of Emergency Physicians. According to the American Hospital Association, there are 6,210 hospitals across the nation with 931,203 total staffed beds to care for more than 36 million admissions a year. While each market is different, boarding is a particular problem at large urban hospitals. (Greenville Online)