Mental Health Petition: It’s Time for Action in Iowa

Iowa’s mental health care system is in crisis.

Mental health treatment in our state languishes on the edges of the care continuum. It is a fragmented, frustrating – and sometimes deadly – non-system that leaves struggling Iowans stigmatized, marginalized and criminalized.

We are failing.

But even in this crisis, there are reasons for hope. Iowans have never been more aware and supportive of mental health. Across the state at meeting halls, government chambers, hospitals, churches, police stations, schools and college campuses, we are talking honestly and frankly to each other about mental health. At a recent forum for Iowa gubernatorial candidates, ALL the candidates agreed that fixing Iowa’s mental health system must be a priority.

We agree. But simply saying mental health is a priority is not enough. Because at this moment, our state is at a crossroads – the choices are to continue talking or start taking action. We choose action.

Sign this petition and tell Governor Reynolds and Iowa legislators that it’s time to pass significant, long-term mental health care policy legislation this session that supports a comprehensive, statewide mental health system serving all levels of care by including:

  • Community-based care as well as intensive residential services
  • An effective statewide referral system
  • Expanded use of telehealth
  • Improved funding