Having This Faith Has Created a Better, Safer Sioux City

Alan Faith wears many hats, or in the eyes of community members, patients and children, Alan wears many heroic capes. As a longtime nurse and trauma program manager in the emergency department at UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s in Sioux City, he sees a lot of patients that need critical care. This has inspired his passion for trauma and injury prevention.

The joke is if you ever want to see Alan, you just need to turn on the news. He is constantly educating the public with everything from what to do when you experience heart attack symptoms to how to properly wear life jackets and helmets. Alan recently amplified these efforts by seeking out grant funds to purchase life jackets and helmets to hand out to kids at a local farmers market. He then took it a step further and created “loaner life jacket stations” for kids to use during their time at local swimming areas.

Alan is a visionary. His proactive, “let’s prevent it if we can” approach has inspired many to think differently about what it means to truly provide care for the community. He knows that preventing a tragedy is equally as important as surviving one.

For many, Alan is a mentor and well-trusted resource. The respect and professionalism Alan displays for everyone he comes in contact with is unmatched. He is kind, passionate, friendly, hard-working, helpful, humble and compassionate. Alan has given generously over the last 15 years and because of him, UnityPoint Health – St. Luke’s is better and the community is safer.

“There are thousands of nurses and staff that do the same job Alan does,” said long-time paramedic Terry Ragaller, “but I would bet none have Alan’s willingness to help, desire to educate, positive demeanor and constant smile. From an EMS perspective, that’s uplifting to our spirits and tells us the hospital is there to help lift our burden and help us have a better day.”

“Alan has a way of building trust with every member of the team along with every community member he comes in contact with,” said Tami Graves, an emergency department nurse manager at St. Luke’s. “The respect and professionalism he displays for individuals in all areas of his work is resolute.”

Alan’s dream is to have an emergency department that never has to treat someone for trauma or an injury that could have been prevented. Because of his heroic, courageous and selfless efforts, St. Luke’s is so much closer to that becoming a reality someday.