Groups Unite to Oppose Destructive Health Care Bill

Provider, patient and consumer groups around the nation have joined together at an unprecedented level to oppose the destructive Graham-Cassidy bill.

The nation’s doctors, hospitals and health insurance plans are unified in opposition to this latest federal bill designed to dismantle the Affordable Care Act. In a joint statement released over the weekend, the American Hospital Association, Federation of American Hospitals, American Medical Association, American Academy of Family Physicians, America’s Health Insurance Plans and the BlueCross BlueShield Association all called on the Senate to reject the bill sponsored by Senators Lindsey Graham and Bill Cassidy.

Saying that “health care is too important to get wrong,” the groups warn that the bill’s cuts to Medicaid would cause millions of Americans to lose their coverage and the changes would weaken individual insurance markets, making coverage more costly. They also warned that patients and consumers will lose important protections and those with significant illnesses will be charged higher premiums and may not be able to buy coverage.

“The bill will result in dramatic cuts to Medicaid and a funding cliff in the future, fundamentally changing the way that states provide coverage for some of our most vulnerable citizens,” the groups wrote. “Without these guaranteed protections, people with significant medical conditions can be charged much higher premiums and some may not be able to buy coverage at all.”

“While we sometimes disagree on important issues in health care, we are in total agreement that Americans deserve a stable health care market that provides access to high-quality care and affordable coverage for all.  The Graham-Cassidy-Heller-Johnson bill does not move us closer to that goal.  The Senate should reject it.”

This powerful statement followed on the heels of 16 patient and provider organizations who also issued a joint statement opposing the Graham-Cassidy bill. The American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, March of Dimes and Arthritis foundation, along with a dozen similar groups, wrote that “this bill would limit funding for the Medicaid program, roll back important essential health benefit protections and potentially open the door to annual and lifetime caps on coverage, endangering access to critical care for millions of Americans.”

“Affordable, adequate care is vital to the patients we represent. This legislation fails to provide Americans with what they need to maintain their health.”