Meet a Hospital Hero: Troy Buchholz

(From time to time, the blog features recipients of the IHA Iowa Hospital Heroes Award. These outstanding hospital employees come from across the state and work at hospitals of every size. They exemplify the courage, caring and community focus that are the hallmarks of the hospital mission in Iowa.)

How do you put into words the impact this hospital hero has for our rural community and hospital? Troy Buchholz is a family practice physician at Community Memorial Hospital (CMH) who is admired for living the hospital mission of giving “the best care where and when you need it.” Dr. Buchholz works in the clinic and hospital by day and the emergency department by night and weekends.

He tirelessly gives of his time, talent and expertise to better the organization, patients and the community he serves and lives in. He has amazing dedication and commitment, often taking time away from his young family to make sure patients and their families are well cared for.

Dr. Buchholz (center) with a group of medical volunteers who assisted victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Dr. Buchholz has been working at CMH for the past 14 years building a strong reputation and a highly regarded professional medical practice that continues to grow. He has been a mentor and preceptor for many family practice and mid-level students throughout the years. He loves to teach and gives such encouragement to those under his guidance. He can always be counted on when support is needed and is our go-to when medical questions or crisis come forth.

Dr. Buchholz has a strong faith that helps guide him in his day-to-day work. He treats everyone with kindness and respect, following the Golden Rule. His patients have been heard to ask of him, “If this was your mother, what would you do?” and he answers them faithfully. When he must deliver a poor prognosis, share about a difficult disease or diagnosis or help a patient and family through an end-of-life situation, he is often seen praying with these patients and families.

Those who work beside Dr. Buchholz get the pleasure each and every day to witness his amazing character and the outstanding care he provides. Dr. Buchholz’s dedication to CMH and our patients is exemplary. He has a strong commitment to providing the best possible care to our patients and living the vision to be the health care provider of choice for citizens of Sumner and the surrounding community.